Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Worth Fighting For!

I am somewhat at a lost for words… I hear on TV, read on the Internet and in articles, recent news dominated by such things as the economy, gay marriage or North Korea. All of these are important. But not nearly as important as what happened 2000 years ago when Jesus Christ went to the cross to die for all who would believe in Him, for all who would say Lord Jesus I need you, for all who say I have sinned and only Jesus make it right!
Yes, we spend so much time on things that we feel are important. Yes, the world is a tough place. Yes, people are losing hope. Yes, we are missing the point...who we need the most!
But is that not why we must keep our eyes on Jesus? Is it not Jesus alone who can bring hope to people when they have lost it? Is it not Jesus Christ that can take a life and make it new? Is it not Jesus Christ alone that is greater than all the wrong in the world? Yes!
During this Easter season, we who call Him Lord, should turn all our attention and affection to Him and let the world know that there is one who can handle all the mess we have created. If there is one cause worth fighting for it is the Gospel of Jesus Christ!
The world is not in need of more government, more tolerance or more rights. Nor does it need more debate or more laws. What the world needs are more followers of Jesus who love God and love people.
Who will stand for the things that God stands for and love others as God has loved us? We need much less debate and much more Jesus Christ, for He alone is Worth Fighting For.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The most dominate thought

This morning we had the opportunity to join others in a web based bible study that is lead by a man named Kenny Crosswhite. Today he was talking about abiding in Christ. I thought to myself, “Do I truly enjoy abiding in Christ, do I love to spend time getting to know Him and listening to Him?” Kierkegaard once said, “Our life always expresses the result of our dominant thought.”

So I ask myself: Does my life express Jesus? Do people see Jesus in my actions? Do people hear Jesus in my words, or notice Jesus in the manner in which I live my Life? You see, I have found that it is not an easy thing to have Jesus as my most dominant thought, or the most dominant person in life. There are so many other things and other relationships that can grab the most dominant position. We must fight to keep Jesus in that place. We must fight as if we are fighting for our very lives. You see, He is our life and He alone can give us life and life abundantly. John 10:10, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I come that you may have life and have it abundantly.”

So today my prayer is that Jesus will be the most dominate thought in your life and that you will have life and have it abundantly.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Good Talk

Sometimes what we need the most in our lives is a good talk with our best friend.  No, I’m not talking about Jesus.  I’m talking about that person God has given you on this planet, which you are walking life with, to help you to love Jesus more.  This morning I needed that talk and God gave me the chance to have it.
You see my heart was hurting!  I felt that I was not growing closer to my Savior and that we as friends were not growing in our love for Christ.  I had noticed that we were not spending as much time talking about what God was doing in our lives.  We would often just talk about surface stuff and rarely spent much time in the word together.  As we talked and were honest with each other, we found that we both felt some of the same things.  We both felt that we needed to make sure that we made time to do the most important thing; YES, we would make time to spur one on towards love and good deeds, YES, that we would not place ministry or anything else before our relationship with Christ, and YES, that Christ would again be our first and primary focus.
So today we challenge one another to walk in a way that is worthy of our Savior.  YES, today was a Good Talk.

P.S.  Today would be a good day to read Hebrew 10:19-25!