Thursday, June 19, 2014

Arizona Missions Trip Days 3,4,5 and 6

The days have been long and time to write is hard to find. 
The Sunday morning service was long, over 5 hours, during the time many different people would share and the sermon was over 2 hours alone. the rest of the day we spent getting ready for the Vacation Bible School. Monday was the first day of VBS we had 31 kids and 9 adults. Our team did a great job running the children's side of the program, while Travis and I taught the adults. One thing I am coming to understand is the harshness of life here on the reservation and the great need for the word of God to be taught correctly. During the adult class it became clear that the they love the word of God, but many of the Navaho still hold onto some of their traditional religions. They still seek help from the spirits and are at times controlled by these traditions. Day 5&6 where much of the same only more and more kids came alone with more adults.

The physical conditions have been extremely hard, Monday and Tuesday was a sand storm all day, everything was was coved in sand you could not even see at times because of the sand. We had to take everything out of our tents and clean out out sleeping bags, our clothes and sweep out more sand then I thought possible could get in a tent.There is no running water and the the outhouse are not in the best of shape.

But the people that live here have taught us that you make do with what you have. There also seem to be a strong sense of hopelessness in many here, but those who have Christ are determined to fight and not give up. Please pray as many have asked us if we could help long term, and even asked us about teaching though correspondence. Pray that our last two VBS's go well and that many children will accept Jesus Christ. Pray that God will destroy the many strongholds and traditions that opposed His truth, and that many would turn to Jesus. 

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Arizona Missions Trip Day 1&2

6 of us  got to Tuba City, late Friday night, the rest of the group had gotten in earlier that day and set up our campsite that we would call home for the next seven days. Early Sat morning we headed out to the Navaho Reservation that we would be serving at for the week. Its only a 15 min drive from the campsite to the reservation. Once there we met up with the others in the team that drove from Ohio, so we could have all the equipment and supplies needed for the week. They had brought everything, generators, cooking stoves and food for the week to feed 23 people. They brought all the VBS supplies and everything else we might need. The reservation has no running water or electric in the area where we will be doing ministry. 

After breakfast, we had little time before camp meeting would start. Camp meeting is an annual weekend that a church would put on as an evangelistic and training time to challenge the Christians on the reservation to live for Christ, and to share Christ with lost family members and friends. We would spend the next 11 hours working with the children and youth teaching them. While most of the team worked with the youth, some of us got to share during the teaching time with the adults. We lead them in some songs and also shared from Gods word.

The day was long, but we stared to build good relationship, that will be important for the rest of the week, as we will be running a VBS for both children, youth and adults. We will attend a Sunday service today on the reservation, and the rest of the day will be spent preparing for the VBS which starts on Monday.

Please pray for the team as we want to see God do great things in the lives of those we serve this week.   

Sunday, June 1, 2014

A time to serve a time to pray a time with friends, Kenya day 5&6

Kenya Day 5&6
Most of day five was spent at the Samaritan Purse staff viewing their airplanes and their offices at the airport. The work they do for the Kingdom of Christ is breathtaking. They are flying food, people, supplies to those in the most desperate and dangerous situations. Their heart is to care for the least of these and to take care of the poor at the sake of their own good. This has been very humbling to me. Later that evening we had a meal with more of the staff and got to hear first hand the scope of their operations.

Day six we went to church at Calvary Chapel Eldoret. It was so good to worship with brothers and sisters from Kenya. The Church was not much by our standards, but the singing and the warmth of the people, their love for Jesus was heart felt. After church we had lunch in the Rift Valley and I was reminded of the Glory of our great God. 

After lunch we headed back to Reuben's (Word of Truth Ministry) and continued serving there. We completed the work on the library, and finally headed home for the night. The days have been long and hard but, God has done great things in our hearts. He has given us a greater love for the people of Kenya, and a heart to see the gospel spread here.