Wednesday, July 6, 2011

You Will Be With Me

Have you ever really thought about it? Just think of Jesus's words to the thief on the cross, “I assure you; today you will be with me in paradise. I know so many Christians that often times forget that Jesus saved us so he could one day be with us. How often do you actually think about it, I mean really think about it? This world is not our home; Jesus is preparing a place for us, a home that is beyond our comprehension, a place made just for us. So why do we who have placed our trust in Jesus, try so hard to build our Kingdom in this world, when we could be building for the one to come. Why do we think that this world has more to offer us, than the one to come, the one that will include Jesus, in physical form. Yes Jesus in real life will be with us everyday. How often have you said to yourself, if only He was here right now, if only I could see or touch Him. Well that will be our reality, we will walk and talk with Jesus, seeing Him everyday. No more longing for His presence for He will be there and we will be with Him. Yes we will be with him, so remember always that our home is yet to come , so lets hold loosely to the one we now live in.