Thursday, September 23, 2010

One Life Taken One Life Spared

The past week has been a difficult one as we at Off The Wall Ministry were reminded how quickly A life can be lost, while on the other hand how gracious our God is in protecting another life. In the span of a day we found out a dear friend, a young man 19 years old was involved in a car accident. The car was traveling at 70 mph and it struck a telephone pole, he walked away unharmed. The young man was very shaken but his life was protected. Less than 24 hours later we received the news that another young man that many in our ministry knew was involved in a single car accident, he however did not walk away. As I sat there I asked myself why one life was taken and one was spared. Both young men knew the Lord as their savior, and for the most part we would say were good young men. So why would God make such a decision, was one family more important than the other, was one young man of more value than the other, or was one situations more out of control than the other. As I thought through the questions, the only answer i could find is that God does what God does. It is not that one is better than the other, our of more value than the other. It is only that God give and takes life as he sees fit, and for his glory and our betterment. One young man is now in the present of his savior, while the other has the chance to share the story of his Gods grace over his life. One young man will never have to suffer again, while one young man must continue to fight the good fight of faith for his Lord and his God. Why God did it this way I do not know, but I know that in both cases God was good and gracious. Now some may say,how is death ever good or gracious. I want you to know that I never said that death was good or gracious, I said God is good and gracious even in death or in life. And we as His children must always remember that. We should grieve with the family that suffer lost, and rejoice with the family that was spared. But through it all we must know that God will be God and that he is always good and gracious even when we don't understand.

Monday, September 6, 2010

God Will Be God

Well Its been awhile since I wrote, life has been busy and God has been teaching me much. I am often taken back by the lessons that i constantly forget. But thank God that he is willing to teach me all over again. One of those lessons is that no matter how hard life is, how unfair life may seem, how life might not workout how you want, God is still God, and God is still good. You see, God does not have too make life good as we perceive good, he does not need our permission and he will not ask for it,He will always be God and he does what he pleases. But for those who have given their lives to Him, he always is working for their good, even when they can't see it. Another lesson I have been reminded of it that blaming God for all the issues that I or we create will not change how he deals with us. Our sins has consequences God is not obligated to make everything right, he often times allowes the consequences to teach us something that we need to learn, the question is are we willing to learn? Yes the more I think about it I am thankful that no matter waht happens that God will always be God. It is upon that truth that we can put our full trust in Him always.Thanks you for being a God worhty of all our trust.