Friday, January 11, 2013


I have spent much time with people who love to fight over theology, especially the issue of election, free will and loss of salvation.  Now I’m not a theologian and would not truly be able to do justice to this debate.  However, as I have read Romans 8, I will say one thing.  I think that the main point of the text is not about how we are saved or if we can lose our salvation, but it is our position in Christ as a believer.  Paul lays out the reality of a true believer.  He says, “If God is for us, who can be against us?”  As I sat and thought about that, I was overwhelmed.  Think about it, if the God of all creation is for you, who can stand against you.  He also states, “For I am sure that nothing can separate us for the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.”  
Again, I just have to think that Paul is saying that we have a trustworthy God who can save, who does save, and who is for us if we have truly called on the name of Jesus Christ to save us.  Can you lose this salvation?  I personally do not believe so.  I think the greater question is, have you ever received the gift of salvation?   Then have you ever looked at you life and asked if God is at work in your life, because if you have received Christ you will truly be able to tell.  You will still sin, you will still have failures, but there will also be a desire to conform to the person of Christ.  If you are saved, sin will cause you to seek God and ask for forgiveness, no matter how often you fail, and you will know that the God who is for you will be there for you.  Yes he may discipline you, but he will always be for you.  That’s what being saved is about, a God who is for us and not against us.  We should stop worrying how if we choose God or God chooses us and start living in the reality of our salvation.  We can stop worrying about losing it, and start walking in a manner worthy of it, in a way that is obedient to the one who saved us.  What I’m saying is this, whether it is God who elects, or we who choose, or somewhere in the middle, if we are saved we should be sure of it, and obedient too it, and live a life worthy of one who belongs to the God of Creation.