Monday, April 25, 2011


In his book “The Prodigal God” Timothy Keller writes {it is hard for us to realize this today, but when Christianity first arose in the world it was not called a religion. It was the non-religion. Imagine the neighbors of early Christians asking them about their faith. “Where’s your temple?” they’d ask. The Christians would reply that they didn’t have a temple. “But how could that be? Where do your priest labor?” The Christians would have replied that they didn’t have priests. “But…but” the neighbors would have sputtered, “where are the sacrifices made to please your gods?’ The Christians would have responded that they did not make sacrifices any more. Jesus himself was the temple to end all temples, the priest to end all priests, and the sacrifice to end all sacrifices. No one had ever heard anything like this. So the Romans called them “atheists” because what the Christians were saying about spiritual reality was unique and could not be classified with other religions of the world.

The irony of this should not be lost on us, standing as we do in the midst of the modern culture wars. To most people in our society, Christianity is religion and moralism. The only alternative to (besides some other world religion) is pluralistic secularism. But from the beginning it was not so. Christianity was recognized as a tertium quid, something else entirely}

I think its time that we start to live as Christians and be the people that live as Christ lived. May we become something else entirely?

Saturday, April 23, 2011


It has been a very busy last few months, as I have been traveling and speaking. God has taught me so much about Himself, and I am falling more in love with the God who made me, and saved me. One of the things that I’m learning is how much I miss home. Now don’t get me wrong, I love traveling. I count it a privilege to have the opportunity to share Gods word in different places. I also love it when the rest of the ministry team can travel together and we can all use our gifts for God. However, after awhile you find that you just want to be home. There is something about home that just bring a sense of comfort. I thought about being home with God, how great that day will be. When this journey is over and forever we will be with God, forever in God’s presence with Jesus. I understand now why we should desire to be with Jesus, because that is home. Yes this life we live is a journey and there are many times we enjoy it, but I know that Home is always the place that our hearts truly needs. I guess Dorothy was right when she said in the Wizard of OZ “THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME”

Saturday, April 16, 2011


How many time do you ever think of the word Glory? In our culture it’s not a word you here often. When I read the Bible especially the Old Testament the word Glory is everywhere. So the other day I was listing to a message while driving in the car. Matt Chandler was teaching on the purpose of their church. He stated that their church was there to bring God glory. He then went on to define the word Glory as it is used in the Bible. He stated that the word Glory means weight. Let me try to explain, the weightiness of the Glory of God is greater than anything else. God is the most Glorious
Of anything that is, that means He alone is the most important thing. There is nothing or no one more Glorious, any more worthy than He. The weight of that truth should bring us all to a place of worship and adoration. So today will you humble yourself before the Glory of God?