Friday, May 30, 2014

A time to serve a time to pray a time with friends, Kenya day 4

Kenya Day 4

Today was one of those day that will change any heart. We spent the day at Mwangaza African International Mission. This ministry includes a school for kids, orphanage, church, and a farm. Mwangaza mission is to reach orphans, and also kids a very poor families. They have a home for the orphans. We had the privilege of leading a chapel service, and then spending the rest of the day hanging and playing games with the children. I was amazed at the discipline of the children and the love the staff had for each student.

As I watched our group interact with the children, my heart was moved by how God was teaching me and showing me what it means to love the lease of these. Even though these children have very little, the joy on their faces was priceless. They wanted to take pictures with us, spend time with us, wanted us to pick them up, they did not care that we were different, they just wanted us to be with them.

As I talked with the leadership, I knew that somehow I was meant to partner with them, and even prayed that maybe our church would partner with them. Their vision to teach The word of God, while also providing education, housing, and love to these children, won my heart. There were 130 kids there and I bet we spent time with most of them, they laugh at how we talked, and how we sung, they loved the song O-happy day.

Another lesson I am learning is that what we think of as being less fortunate, they don't see it as we do. Even though they have very little, they have taught me that if you have Christ you have enough. Also if you have Christ and just your basic needs met you are more than blessed.

A time to serve a time to pray and a time with friends, Kenya day 3

Kenya Day 3

The day was a long one we left the compound at 9:30am and got back home at 9pm. We first went to Ruben house, Ruben is a pastor, and he runs a ministry school and a christian radio station. We spent most of the day working there. We worked at the stations, and in the library and did some fixing up around his home. Ruben has studied under Ravi Zaccharias, and now works to combat the false religions of Kenya. He has been blind since the age of two, but has not allowed that to stop him. As I listen to him it became very clear to me that this man loves Jesus Christ and is fully committed to following him.

Kyle one of our team has been busy not with us but actually flying with the Samaritan Purse team. On both Thursday and Friday, they flew into Southern Sudan, they took thousand of pounds of food and supplies to refugee camp. One camp had 70,000 and the other have over 110,000 people. The days have been very long for him but God is using the experience in his life, and in ours.

Kenya has a way of causing you to rethink what's really important in life, but also a way of causing you to be thankful and a way of teaching you to love people and not to see people by what they have, but by who they are. I am grateful that God brought us here, but I'll be grateful to be back home to love those who don't know Christ there.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

A time to serve, a time to pray a time with friends, Kenya day 2

Kenya Day 2

Matthew our van driver pick us up at noon for our drive to Eldoret. I found out that's Matthew and his family are catholic, and that his wife died a few years ago and he is raising his daughters. Mathew also informed me that most churches and schools in Nairobi are catholic. He did not talk much more about his family, but he seemed to enjoy telling us about Kenya. After 6 plus hours of driving and a few stops along the way we arrived in Eldoret. The Samaritan Purse compound is just that a compound. It is completely enclosed with two guarded gates that you must pass though to enter. The Thomas' greeted us as we came though the second gate. It was so good to see them and after unpacking our luggage we had a meal with Nate, Stephanie and their two boys Dan, Ben and a pastor friend name Ben.

It was good to eat a home cooked meal, and to hear of the work that we will be doing while we are here. Tomorrow we will be working at a christian radio station, and will be recording some messages that will be broadcast later this month. There is also some physical work that we will do while at the station. In the evening Travis and I have to speak. As I write this one thought that I can't shake is the danger that the missionary live in daily. I asked myself if I had a family would I want them to have to live in a gated compound, where you have to lock every door behind you. Where you had to think about safety as much as you think out anything else. But then I thought Christ I worth every sacrifice and every danger. So I as that you would pray for the families that serve here in Kenya, pray the people we encounter that they would know Christ, and pray for us that we will be changed and follow even more diligently after Christ.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A time to serve,a time to pray and a time with friends

Day 1 Nairobi, Kenya

After a long travel of 26 hours we landed in Nairobi Kenya. The trip was a good one, the conversation on the flights was insightful, and I'm sure for some challenging. Once we arrived at the airport in Nairobi, customs went quickly. We walked out side to meet our drivers, and they identified themselves with a sign that said Countryside, which brought a great deal of comfort, for you who don't know, Countryside Chapel is our home church. Our driver was very friendly, if you have a moment say a prayer for him his name is Matthew. He drove us to the Guest House where we would stay the first night. The guest house was very nice and we had a great night sleep, the breakfast was Good and the coffee was exceptional. Mathew along with another driver will pick us up at noon today for our 6 hour drive to Eldoret. Please pray for our travel and pray that we have a chance to talk with Matthew about his faith and if he does not know Jesus that we would have a chance to share Christ with him. Pray that God would use us while we are in Eldoret, that we would refresh the missionaries that serve there, and that those we encounter would see the love of Christ and if they do not know his as savior, they would turn to Him.