Friday, September 13, 2013

“Consider Your Ways.”

I have come to find that following God really comes down to the simple truth of doing the things that God ask of me. Only then will I really be able to follow Him, for He alone knows what it takes to live the life He wants of me.

As I was reading chapter 1 of Haggai, I paused after reading the words, “Consider Your Ways”.  The chapter talks about the people being so busy building their own houses and their own way of life, that they neglected the house of God. They did not seem to care about the things of God.  So God told them, “Consider your ways”.  It goes on to point out that because of the people’s neglect of God and His ways, they would never be content with what they have to gain.  

In verse 6 of chapter 1, it says, “You have sown much, and harvest little. You eat, but never have enough: you drink, but you never have your fill”.  So I ask, why is it so hard to do just what God asks of us.  I ask myself this all the time.  It comes down to the fact that, sin is strong and the desires of my flesh cannot be beat in my strength.  I need to constantly ask for God’s help.  I need to pray always against those things that want to control me, and understand that it is only when The Holy Spirit is in control, will I be able to live as God has asked.

That’s why the bible says in Ephesians 5:18, And do not get drunk with wine, for that is debauchery, but be filled with the Spirit”.   Yes debauchery, which means excessive indulgence in sensual pleasures.

The only way to NOT do what my body and mind wants to do, when it come to sensuality, is to be filled with the Spirit.  No, I can’t just try harder, or have people keep me accountable, or any other self-effort.  I must ask the Spirit to come and take control.  

So, if you want to do what God wants of you, you must consider your ways and do what God asks of you. You must be filled with the Spirit.