Friday, March 26, 2010

That Which Cost Me Nothing

When I look at my own life, I’m shocked to see how often I offer God my left-over’s, and not my very best. If I really believe that God is who he says He is, then why would I not offer the King of the Universe everything? If God has given me the gift of eternal life and fellowship with Him, why is it so hard to give my all to Him? I have come to a true revelation about myself, left to myself I am a self-centered, me focus person that cares more about myself, than God or others. I also realized that I am quick to give that which me nothing, but to give something of value well that a much more difficult thing. I also realized that God want and demands of me so much more. If I am to call myself a Disciple of JESUS CHRIST, than I must give up everything to follow Him. Not that God is going to ask me to become poor, or to sell everything I have for Him, more than likely He will not. But the question is If God would call me to do the truly radical, would I? Would I give to the God of the universe that which I hold most dear, would I offer to Him myself? I am a long way for that type of obedience and devotion, but that has become my goal. To become one that would offer that which is precious to me, to the one who loves me and has saved me. In 2nd Samuel chapter 24 verse 24 King David said “No I insist on paying you for it. I will not sacrifice to the Lord my God burnt offerings that cost me nothing.” I think David understood that which so many have forgotten, when come to give to The one and only true God, we must be willing to give our very best , to give of that which we hold on to so tightly. We should not want to give to God that which is of no value to us and that which has cost us nothing.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Needing More

Today has been one of those days, there is nothing really wrong but for some reason I don't feel very close to God. Its one of those days when I want nothing more than to feel God near, to know that I am a friend of God. But the feeling they don't come. And I often wonder how I got here. Lately I have had many victories over sin, I have spent much time in God's word and I have really focus on Jesus Christ. So why do I feel so far form Him. I think that God is telling me that I must desire Him even more, to spend more time with him. I think that God is saying to me that he is jealous for my time, not in a negative way but in a loving way. He wants to grow our relationship, but it will require much work, quality time together. I must place the first most important on Him. I will need to be devoted to Him and become a serious student of His word so I can know Him better. I have come to realize that this feeling of distant is nothing more than me falling in love with my God and I desire more and more time with Him, talking with Him. I need to make God the center of my life, for I desire a depth of intimacy that only happens when you spend vast amount of time with the one you love. So today I have came to a place of longing for more of God