Friday, March 30, 2012

You are the King of Israel”

Nathanael answered him, Rabbi “you are the Son of God! You are the King of Israel”

Wow what a moment of clarity, and what a moment of joy. Can you picture Nathanael as a young Jewish boy he had been told all the stories about the messiah, the one who would come and save the Jews, the one that would be the King of Israel? But now he was standing right in front of him, the King was talking with him, calling him to follow.

Its moments like these that we as Christians have often missed, for this King of Israel, has call us to follow. It might be due to our lack of understanding we are not that Jewish young boy who have studies most of his young life about this King. It might be that we just don’t feel the weight of who he is, or it just might be that we have lost the sense of AWE for the messiah. But what ever it is, it is time to refocus to regain a sense of who this man is. He is the King of Israel, but even more he is The King of Kings, The Lord of Lord’s, The Saving One. He is The Messiah, Jesus Christ the Lord.

So today take a moment and think about it, ask today for a profound sense of AWE for The King.

Friday, March 9, 2012

The Preeminence of Jesus Christ

Often times when I’m talking to both Christians and non –Christians alike, it is the person of Jesus Christ where most of the discussion becomes difficult. I have notice that people are often uncomfortable with what the Bile has to say about Jesus Christ. In Colossians chapter 1 verses 15-23 the Bible tells us that He (Jesus Christ) is the image of the invisible God. It goes on to say that all things were created, through him and for him. Yes the bible is telling us that Jesus Christ has Preeminence over all things. For Christians this truth about Jesus Christ is the foundation for all we believe. Yet for some Christians it is this very truth the Preeminence of Jesus Christ, that’s makes conversations with those who do not believe overwhelming. How do you tell those who do not believe as we do that if they don’t turn to Jesus Christ they have no hope. How do you speak truth in love?

And for non-Christians Jesus Christ is self righteous and arrogant. They say how can anyone say that unless you believe in me you cannot have eternal life. I must admit that the truths about Jesus Christ can be difficult for those who do not believe. But we should always remember that it is because of the person of Jesus Christ that we can now have life. For without such a savior, the God-man who died for our sin, we would all be without hope. And we would have no hope to offer others. So no matter what people say about Jesus Christ never forget, with out Him there would be no opportunity for any of us, including those who are so angry with him. For when they come to know him their anger will turn to thanksgiving, so although the conversations are hard they are worth it.