Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Death of Sin

Sin can you truly be as strong as you seem
And to overcome you is only a dream
Are you more powerful then all of us thought
Are you a foe better not fought

Sin are you a monster that cannot die
A enemy so cold that hearts only cry
Are you a beast that comes from within
Or are you a thought that speaks like a friend

Sin are you a tempter that plays with the soul
A song of the wind that make us less whole
Are you so hideous that your face you must hide
Are you a poison that speaks only lies

Sin what ever you are this I have come to be sure
That all that you are I have found only one cure
As precious as a cure could ever be
Yes the blood of Christ Jesus has over come thee

So you may fight on, and some battles you may win
But be sure of this He is coming again
And on that day there will be no place to run
You will be completely destroyed by the glory of the Son

So sin no matter what battle you wage
No matter the poison, or how strong the cage
Fight you I must for He fights for me 
And ask me to trust that one day I'll be free

By Don Stubbs Dec 26th 2013